Find Your Dream job with us

Find Your Dream job with us

Help Company and employee to grow

Qontrac Technologies provides diverse and industry leading consulting staffs to many leading software technology companies. Our team offers an extensive interviewing process, expert insight, as well as thorough background and reference checks. We not only provide candidates with education and experience, we also match their strengths, values, and skills to be compatible with our clients. We are dedicated in fulfilling the needs of our clients above and beyond their expectations.

Our CLients


Qontrac Technologies proficiency to renovate many challenges in to opportunity and delivers the best solution for all your work force organization needs.We don’t bother how big or small in any geographic location.


In distributed locations for managing very large scale projects we provide low cost and high quality software development services which are well developed for managing many projects.

Time Saving

Qontrac Technologies developed many infrastructures, management expertise for providing the remote service around the globe, developed tools, methodologies and many working with us.